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My Watercolor Sketchbook BlogHi and Welcome  

Watercolor Sketchbooks- ABOUT EricaI'm Erica. I live in Toulouse, France, I work as a graphic designer in the company, where I'm making the design of very serious/technical/military stuffs. I love it a lot! - but HERE I can kick back with my other space – where I do some OTHER things.
If you like to catch a moment with quick fast sketches or journaling  - you're in the right place. So nice to meet you and let's be friends. Travel SketchbooksMy N°1 way here  is my Travel Sketchbooks.
Paris, Toulouse, Albi, Marseille, Cathars castles, and also Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Russie etc. 
I take my sketchbook from my bag, 10 minutes, et voilà !
Video Sketchbooks
I love as well to play with  video sometimes, so you can flip through my sketchbooks
Cats and Dogs
I'm not a catish girl at all. 
But I love cats. I'll tell you about Pushkin, Jean-Jacques and Pica

And the best dog I loved and still do -  is my Balu, big black Newfoundland

I'll fill this rubrique with some time, I have smth to show. Home&GardenHome & Garden   
Nope, it's not recipes, nor interiour design tutorials nor gardening tips! Even if I'd love to. I'm hopeless in cuisine and staff. 
Here is just something that I love to seize by my camera and brush-pencil.
Thanks for coming and see you!
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