Cats love

There are some cats that run right in my heart to stay there forever. I think this is a question of some genetic complementarity. Also these cats give me some particular vitamin which I organically need to have,
and so when I start to lacking it I have a real withdrawal sickness.
You know Pushkin  already -- ouh dieu, mon amour,
 But the strongest was Jean-Jacques, my huge fluffy cat that loved me crazy and so did I.
And his copine, my little dear Pica, they were always togerther  
Jean-Jacques cat sketch
Pica Cat Sketch

Most of all they loved to occupy my babe son Kent and to sleep over  him 
And other one love -- my mom's cat Padlick, adorable and fat 
            “What greater gift than the love of a cat.” ― Charles Dickens


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  1. beautiful watercolor cat pictures, I'm excited about it and your photos to it !!!! With so much love have you drawn them !!!
    happy weekend

    1. That's true, lots of love) Thank you Elke

  2. oh what beautiful looking cats, and your art projects are just gorgeous!! I've always had dogs but currently am cat sitting for an elderly aunt and am enjoying it. Happy PPF!

    1. Thanks, Linda! Dogs is also wonderful and loveful subject that I'll make one day

  3. "What I’ve got against cats,” said a Lemon Sour, speaking feelingly, as one brooding on a private grievance, "is their unreliability. They lack candour and are not square shooters. You get your cat and you call him Thomas or George, as the case may be. So far, so good. Then one morning you wake up and find six kittens in the hat-box and you have to reopen the whole matter, approaching it
    from an entirely different angle.”
    P.D. Wodehouse.

  4. Love the grumpy looking cat. . .they are all good. I would love to see pups too. I'm a dog person, but the cats I've met lately have been pretty amazing. Blessings, Janet

  5. Your watercolors are so well done! Love these felines.

  6. Your art is so beautiful and your sweet models to kiss for!! Lucky you to have so much fury companion! ;) ♥ Conny

  7. Love your watercolor paintings and those mixed media ones are just wonderful! And the cats sure rock đŸ±

  8. LOVE these paintings and photos!!! All of them are so beautiful and I want to cuddle with all of them! Your watercolors are amazing!!!

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