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MOISSAC. St.Pierre Abbey

Hi dearest-s! I came back from Moissac!
A village with a grand castle where it was the strongest Benedictine abbey someday.
This is the Saint-Pierre Abbey
- Ex Benedictine and Cluniac monastery, founded by Clovis, according to legend. In fact it started in the middle of the VII century by Saint Didier, bishop of Cahors. And this is the one of the most beautiful cloisters in the world.

MOISSAC. St.Pierre Abbey - CloistreMOISSAC-Abbey-Photo

Look: I'm taking a photo of the Devil's wall, the Divine is behind me, The Revelation is above me, and St.Pierre and St.Isaiah are around:

This is the Apocalypses, aka Revelation with the god, apostles and 24 monastic elders. They are funny! They drink and have fun, despite the doomsday

I drew some points on the run: 

Tower, Cloister and 3 vieillards


Market in Moissac


 I drew it in the cafe a little bit later, but this wine label is from other region of France - it's just we drank this wine yesterday night (and yes, I still have the wine in my head while drawing)

We lived in Lafrançaise, small village close to Moissac, in the grand house with the fields around, there was a lovely German madam proprietor Christa and her dog Max. I tried to paint this house and la pelouse
Lafrancaise, Watercolor Sketch

And some details of the place, some local french views to keep in my eyes

              I've painted it !

               Coffee in the petit street café

PS! And some real impression - the bells ring in the  St.Pierre Abbey cloistre - a very short video, but I still love to catch this purifying sense of ringing air in the monastry walls


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  1. very nice art work :)

    and all that old stonework is really impressive :)

  2. love all of your drawings and watercolors. Great subjects to use.
    Have a great new week,

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place, lovely sketches too!

  4. What an amazing holiday!
    Your sketches are so beautiful. What a talent. I love watercolor painting too.

  5. Beautiful images and sketches! I would love to go back to France someday. I loved it!

  6. Your transparent and lucid watercolors move me...inspire me...and bring a smile to my face every time....you have such a wonderful gift. The brushes must love when you pick them up and dip them in water. What a beautiful love affair.


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